Getting Out of Your Head

Kurt, my husband, has wanted a kayak for years. Every time we have the chance to kayak on vacation, he is all about it. There is something about being on the water. Kayaking takes you to places you simply can’t get to with other modes of transportation. We finally ordered a kayak – tandem, inflatable,Continue reading “Getting Out of Your Head”


I’ve watched it happen in every congregation I’ve served. Two people finally divorce. It is so painful. Many times the whole congregation feels the pain because they love both partners.  The anger, the betrayal, and being wronged are what present first.  Each person needs to feel justified in the decision to end the marriage. But,Continue reading “Divorce”

Becoming Something New

Way back in seminary, my supervising pastor, gave me a phrase I’ve never forgotten, “I don’t think the Kingdom of God hangs on that.” His words came back to me after hearing a powerful sermon about the three parables Jesus tells in Matthew 12: describing the Kingdom of Heaven in terms of a treasure worthContinue reading “Becoming Something New”

What happened in Georgia!

Last month, something amazing happened in Marietta, Georgia. The largest United Methodist Church in the North Georgia Annual Conference, Mt. Bethel UMC, came up against the appointive authority of Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson. The senior pastor at Mt. Bethel, Rev. Jody Ray, was reappointed to a post at the Annual Conference headquarters. This decision, unpopular withContinue reading “What happened in Georgia!”

Wonders of Discovery

When I was a kid, I marveled at what we called “water bugs” or “skimmers.” Somehow these creatures could skim right across the surface of water and never sink. How did they do it – and could I do it also? On a recent hike, I tapped into their ability. The sun was shining onContinue reading “Wonders of Discovery”

Living Differently

I’ve chosen to accept the reality our world faces – we are living through a pandemic. This choice, I’m learning, affects so many parts of my life. This fall, it became obvious that I needed some time away, but where can one go…safely…on vacation? In my search, I discovered Yurts, fancy tents. I also learnedContinue reading “Living Differently”

What I Learned as a Fundamentalist

Fundamentalism is a modern phenomenon in several of the world’s religions that arose in the early decades of the 20th century. It is now reaching its century mark, meaning that most don’t know their religious tradition without this voice, creating a sense that it has always been this way. Actually, Fundamentalism is a relatively recentContinue reading “What I Learned as a Fundamentalist”