In the Right Order

As a pastor, I am privileged to hear the most important questions people ask. Why am I here? What is my purpose? How do I know if I’m saved? How do I pray? Why can’t I surrender and fully trust God? When is God going to speak to me and how will I know it is God, not just my own inner voice? I always love these questions because they indicate a hunger, the place where all spiritual journeys begin.

Through the years, these questions have frustrated me too. People who’ve gone to church longer than I’ve been alive, taken every Bible study offered, and served on every committee – ask these questions. It has left me to conclude that just going to church doesn’t provide the answers. But, if not church, where might one go?

In this series of blog posts, I want to share one pastor’s perspective on the resources of our faith when faced with life’s most important questions. I’m convinced that clarity in the face of these questions is possible, but we have to move beyond the way the church has suggested we answer in the last century.

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